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The Bachelor of Arts in Economics or BA in Economics is a three-year degree program designed to enable students to acquire a wide range of skills that will prepare them for a career in business. It deals with various focal points of economic and corporate development as well as problems and techniques for their effective solution. Aspiring business graduates learn to utilize the resources already available in society such as raw materials, land, labor and equipment needed to produce goods and services. Most economists research, collect and analyze data and contribute to the development of their nation.

The discipline of Economics is known as the Queen of Social Sciences for its ability to analyze and interrogate social reality with the rigor and precision of natural sciences. The strength of the discipline lies not only in its ability to understand social processes, but also in its commitment to analyze and predict changes in society through theorizations, mathematical modeling and data analysis. Thus the foundational principles and methods of economics transcends many disciplinary boundaries and is applied to address and analyze a wide variety of problems in multiple if today’s world, the discipline has become the grand entry point to careers in various exciting fields, some tried and tested, such as in government administration, policy making, business administration, banking, law and academics and teaching, and some in new and emerging areas such as data analytics, actuaries and financial management, public policy and the development sector. Students of economics have excelled in each of these fields as the discipline provides students with a framework of understanding, research tools, and a problem solving approach that can be applied and adapted to study a wide range of issues.

Why Study BA in Economics?

The Bachelor of Economics is becoming increasingly popular among undergraduate students. If you are considering applying to an economics degree, consider the following benefits of an economics degree:

Perfect Basic Knowledge:

In the BA Economics course, you learn what needs to be done. a wide range of skills; Analytical and critical thinking skills leading to a variety of academics. Economic analysis improves your ability to understand and change current political issues. BA Economics prepares you for careers in areas such as global development, urban planning, decision-making, education, media and various non-profit sectors, as well as banking, corporate, government and financial firms.

Flexible work options:

A degree in economics allows you to work in a variety of industries and hold a variety of positions. Economics graduates have the opportunity to work in a variety of fields, including the corporate sector, public sector, educational institutions, and other industrial sectors.

Enhanced Critical Thinking:

The BA Economics program will enhance your critical thinking skills by offering a variety of practical work as part of your coursework. designed to help you tackle a wide range of issues in the global economy that prepare you for the future. Better understand how these phenomena affect various international trade issues.


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