About our Department

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The Department of B.Com (Computer Applications) was started in the year 2001. The key Aim of a program offered by the department is to impart quality education to the graduates, and to enhance their Entrepreneurial skills to help the organizations to understand their customers, forecast future demand and use big data to make effective decisions. The program is designed to make students learn to use industry-standard analytics software and develop mathematical and computational skills required to gain insights from a range of data sources, including the internet and social media data.

The department of Computer Applications provides professional training by faculty with extensive experience in corporate training, and access to hands-on workshops. It also conducts guest lectures by industry experts along with interactive sessions, seminars and case studies to support the students to augment their competencies and adopt new strategies to face the challenging industrial requirements.

The Curriculum has been specially designed to impart the knowledge in emerging areas along with ethical values with a strong foundation in the basic concepts of various Computer Programming. The department helps students to attain higher order thinking skills in the area of Data Analytics while equally concentrating on their holistic development so that they can compete with the ever changing global context and effectively respond to the growing needs and challenges of the society.


  • B.COM (REG)
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